Project – Monsters Rising (iOS)

I worked on Monsters Rising as Technical Artist at Nine Tail Studios in Vancouver, Canada. Monsters Rising is an action strategy game built for iPhone and iPad. Since the game team was small I had many different roles and responsibilities throughout the project. I worked on the project from pre production to production and then post launch support. I primarily worked on the shaders, lighting and vfx for the game to achieve the mood and feel set out by the art director. I also helped in managing the art asset pipeline in unity, made builds and worked closely with the programmers on profiling and optimizing the game. I used various tools throughout the project such as Photoshop, 3ds Max, Maya, Unity, Xcode, Playmaker and Fx Maker (A unity plugin). I also helped in scripting (visual scripting using playmaker) and creating vfx for the some of the cinematics and trailers. All the shaders were written in cg to leverage Unity’s cross compiling capabilities. I quite enjoyed working with the fantastic team at Nine Tails and loved working on the game itself.

You can find out more info about the game at

You can download from the App store from here:

To view my lighting work on Monsters Rising click here.

Lighting - Monsters Rising (iOS)

To view my Shader work on Monsters Rising click here.


To view my VFX work on Monsters Rising click here.

VFX - Monsters Rising

Launch Trailer:



Fiery Doom








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