VFX – Monsters Rising (iOS)

I worked on Monsters Rising as a Technical Artist and created over 200 different vfx. Creating vfx for this project was quite a challenge as the fx required complexity and there were plenty of them playing at once during gameplay. Unity’s built in particle system wasn’t efficient enough to get the job done. I spent some time researching various options and we decided to go forward with fx maker (a unity plugin). Achieving the required visual quality and still having a high number of particles playing at once involved steps that were different from the traditional approach. Our particle creation process involved painting the texture in photoshop followed by creating a particle system in unity and then rendering out this particle system into sprites from an optimum camera angle. Creating this sprite wasn’t an easy task as the game is 3D which meant our particles cannot look 2D. The end result was achieved by combining various sprites in different angles to give the illusion of volume and depth while keeping the effect itself quite cheap on the cpu and gpu side.

Below are 4 videos. The first video is a gameplay trailer, the next two are some of the vfx I made for the various characters and the last one is a cinematic teaser that I scripted and created fx for by following the guidelines and storyboard set out by our art director.

You can find out more info about the game at www.monstersrising.com

You can download from the App store from here: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/monsters-rising/id692484676?mt=8

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